In the beginning, when were first becoming social
creatures, when initially approached it would be
with slight trepedation. One would bear teeth in a
malicious manner. Not to threaten the potential ally,
but only to show ones capability to protect itself
until the others intent becomes clear. Over time this
teeth bearing has changed a bit: We now know it as
the smile.

Despite this change, the threat lying behind the
smile remains the same. Determining intent proves more elusive than ever.

This is futurePERFECT. It's initial form will be a
web comic with animated elements. I wish to
organically grow and explore the concepts inspiring
this work further. From there, the medium most
fitting will become apparent.

Like any good dystopia, contemporary world events
and trends are explored creating a world based
largely on our own. Though much changes, the
base nature, or tendencies of the reptilian mind to
take over in humans does not.

infernal racket

Art Exhibit